The State of Business Intelligence, 2018

The State of Business Intelligence, 2018

Forbes tech offers the insights from Dresner Advisoty Service’s 2018 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study.

  • Executive Management, Operations, and Sales are the three primary roles driving Business Intelligence (BI) adoption in 2018.

  • Dashboards, reporting, end-user self-service, advanced visualization, and data warehousing are the top five most important technologies and initiatives strategic to BI in 2018.

  • Small organizations with up to 100 employees have the highest rate of BI penetration or adoption in 2018.

  • Organizations successful with analytics and BI apps define success in business results, while unsuccessful organizations concentrate on adoption rate first.

  • 50% of vendors offer perpetual on-premises licensing in 2018, a notable decline over 2017. The number of vendors offering subscription licensing continues to grow for both on-premises and public cloud models.

  • Fewer than 15% of respondent organizations have a Chief Data Officer, and only about 10% have a Chief Analytics Officer today.

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HBR Embraces Agile At Scale

HBR Embraces Agile At Scale

“Agile management begins with simple shifts in how work is done, but ends with questions such as: What is the nature of work? Which class of people should be running organizations? And how does the overall economy function? And how does society get things done? In the end, it’s also about power.

Agile thus unleashes a whole new set of challenges and possibilities for society. It implies a belief in banking, not necessarily banks. It implies a belief in accommodation, not necessarily hotels. It implies a belief in transport, not necessarily cars. It implies a belief in health, not necessarily hospitals. It implies a belief in education, not necessarily schools. As these new possibilities open up, society is changing and Agile eats the world.” By Steve Denning at …Read More