The No #NoEstimates

19 Feb 2017

In September of last year I published my article on #NoEstimates here. I also tweeted about it and Vasco Duarte, the book’s author, re-tweeted my tweet.

This caused strong reactions from people that appal the #NoEstimates ideas. I got personally attacked (got called “a newcomer getting sucked-in”) by people that didn’t bother to first get to know me and who warned me that “#NoEstimates champs are resorting to name-calling. It’s like a cult :)”. Although there was a smiley added there, calling #NoEstimates a cult and counting me as one of the devotees didn’t feel either respectful or welcoming.

But then again, it is only Twitter, where people try to discuss by using tweets of just 140 characters. And when you are not a native English speaker, personal opinions might appear harsher. I have barely used Twitter after that, I just don’t think it’s a place where you can have meaningful discussions.

I have also decided to look into the ideas of the No #NoEstimates camp. To my disappointment, the frustration and hostility I received on Twitter was also noticeable on Glen’s and Peter’s articles. I personally believe that’s a pitty, because irrespective of who’s started it, fighting with eachother is rather distructing. Both camps have ideas worth exploring and a healthy discussion could bring us further.

To my delight, I have found a post by George Dinwiddie who, I believe, totally nails it. You can find his post here

You can also have a look at Glen’s post here and Peter’s post here